Why You Should Be Stoked About Our Jenga Tournament


So let’s just talk about the fact that we’re about to host a life-sized Jenga tournament at Neon’s for a second. Yeah, that’s right; an entire tournament dedicated to the Impulciteam’s favorite after-work activity. That’s not even the best part, though. The best part is that we’ve organized some sick prizes for the top three teams. We planned it on a weekday for everyone, too. So no excuses about not being able to show up. If that’s not incentive enough, every participating team will get a free drink. Free drinks, a chance at free sh*t, and a chance to bask in the fact that you’re the best Jenga player north of the Ohio River? You’d better be there.


The Rules:

1. Only one hand is allowed to remove and place the Jenga piece on the top of the tower.
2. A drink must be in your other hand and continuously consumed throughout the game.
3. To determine who goes first a game of rock, paper, scissors will be played, winner starts.
4. The turn will end 10 seconds after you place the piece on top of the tower or when the next player touches the tower – which ever comes first.
5. A piece can only be removed from below the 2nd completed layer.
6. The game ends when any of the pieces fall from the tower.

Break any of these rules and your teammate will go immediately following your move.

The Prizes:

3rd Place: Free gear to rock from Be Proud Ohio.

2nd Place: Halfcut Growlers & Gift Cards + Be Proud Ohio gear.

1st Place: A badass trophy, bragging rights, a Pedal Wagon for you & 15 friends, and, of course, gear from Be Proud Ohio!


Where To Register:


C’mon, let’s face it. You don’t have better plans to spend your hump day next week than with your favorite startup in Cincinnati. Friendly competition, a free drink for playing, and plenty of bragging rights to be earned… what more can you ask for? We’re stoked, and can’t wait to see you all at Neon’s!