19 Ways To Tell They’re Not From Louisville…


Some people just don’t get it. There’s a lot of great things about Louisville that outsiders don’t understand. Here’s how to pick out a true Louisvillian.

1. They Pronounce it “Lou-E-Ville”

The first way you can tell if somebody’s not from Louisville is the way you pronounce it. Lou-E-Ville’s bad, but Louis-ville is even worse. It’s Lou-Uh-Ville.


2. They Ask for Their Bourbon On The Rocks

If you need ice with your bourbon, then you just simply aren’t from Louisville. God forbid you ask for it with Coke.

Glass of Bourbon

Credit: Red White and Bourbon

3. They Hang Out At Fourth Street Live

There’s so many badass places to hang out in Louisville. If you were a native, you wouldn’t be wasting your weekends hanging out here.

Fourth Street Live

Credit: The Green Derby Gallop

4. They Think The Derby Infield Isn’t “Classy”

We don’t give a shit if it’s not “classy.” Yeah, there might not be seats, and you might not be able to see the race. But there’s booze and a party, and when you’re from Louisville, you’re ok with that.

Kentucky Derby Infield

Credit: TickPick

5. They Ask How The Bats Are Doing in The MLB

If you ask how the Bats are doing in the MLB, you’ll probably get a facepalm in response.

Louisville Bats

Credit: The Bats Signal

6. They’ve Never Been ToA�Cherokee Park

Perhaps one of Louisville’s best kept secrets. If you’re a native, you’ve spent time at Cherokee Park, and you know how awesome it is. If you aren’t, you’re probably still trying to figure out what it is.

Cherokee Park

Credit: Lizzie Morrison Photography

7. They Don’t Mind The I-65 Traffic

All. The Damn. Time.

8. They Don’t Get The Fuss About The New Bridge-Toll

It’s like a mile trip… Don’t make us pay for it.

Louisville Bridges

Credit: Globe Images

9. They Ask For Pop

It’s not pop. It’s not soda. It’s not a soft drink. It’s not even Pepsi. It’s always Coke, and always will be.


10. They’ve Never Done The Bambi Walk

Every true Louisvillian has at least started The Bambi Walk. Extra points if you’ve actually finished it, and drank at each bar.

11. They Prefer Chipotle Over Qdoba

If there’s a Qdoba right down the road, and you’re asking where you can get Chipotle, we know you aren’t from around here.


Credit: Penn Live

12. They Ask About Our Pro-Sports Teams

Salt in the wounds, man. Salt in the wounds.

13. They Prefer Canada Dry Over Ale-8

Ale-8 trumps all. It’s that simple. If you’re asking for something else, then you must not be local.


Credit: Piratstudenterna

14. They’ve Never Had A Hot Brown

It’s one of signature foods. It started here at the Brown Hotel, and if you don’t get it, you’re probably from out-of-town.

Hot Brown

15. They Haven’t Been Pulled Over By A Mustang On 264

It’s happened to the best of us.

16. They Don’t Get The Traffic On Bardstown Road

It just shouldn’t be like this.

17. Not Knowing At Least 3 Shortcuts In The Highlands

A true native knows the way around.

Louisville Highlands

Credit: Coyote Communities

18. They Don’t Know Who Hunter S. Thompson Is

Bow down to the true Louisville badass. Ask any of us, and we’ll tell you exactly who this dude is.

Hunter S Thompson

Credit: imgfave

19. They Prefer KFC Over Real Kentucky Fried Chicken

What’s that? You don’t know what Indi’s is? Yeah, you’re not from here.


Credit: Indi’s Fast Food Restaurant