Your Guide to a Kickass Staycation in Cincinnati

One-on-one Rhinegeist wiffle ball

While your night of drunken debauchery gets crazy, play a round of wiffle ball at Rhinegeist. With a pint of Truth in one hand and your mad wiffle ball skills pent up in the other, spend the night challenging the guy downing multiple glasses of Puma.



Create-your-own coffee shop hop

Do a coffee shop hop. You can never have too many lattes in one day, so switch it up and stop by a variety of cafes: Collective Espresso, Coffee Emporium, Sidewinder, Awakenings, and Sitwells or wherever you’d like to try. Bring your laptop and since you’re on vacation a�� don’t do any work: just watch YouTube videos and sip your grande mocha.


Roll around on a Pedal Wagon

Not into staycationing by yourself or with one friend? Get a whole group together and trek through the city streets on a Pedal Wagon. Jump off the wagon and run into Half Cut for a quick drink, and jump back on to stop at another destination.

Pedal Wagon

Northside taco crawla��need we say more?

We can’t tell you essential things to do in Cincinnati without mentioning a taco crawl in Northside. Just order all the tacos you can possibly eat in one sitting. Do it, you’ll love us! Check out our list of best tacos in the city.

Django Tacos Cincinnati


Make a day of Washington Park festivities

Order a pizza from A Tavola or a Mexican feast at Gomez Salsa and bring it to Washington Park to have a little picnic on the greens. Take in the Cincinnati vibes while enjoying your Margherita pizza. Want more of an event? Stop by the park for City Flea on designated Saturdays. Be on the lookout for beer, trendy jewelry, and tasty desserts.

A Tavola

Take a shuttle around the city

Skip the crazy parking rates around the city and hop on Southbank Shuttle. Get a cheap, self-guided tour of the city $1 for one ride or $3.50 for a day. The shuttle stops at major landmarks likeA�Fountain Square:A�hop off and do a little Salsa on the Square on Thursdays or stay on the shuttle and stop somewhere random. We recommend hopping off in Bellevue for a ice cream ice ball at Schneider’s Sweet Shop a�� you’ll never look at ice balls the same again




Pack snacks and go to a drive-in movie

Not in the mood for an old-school flick at the park? Pack up the car with snacks and go to a drive-in movie at Starlite Drive-In. There’s two, current movies every night and a triple-feature on occasion.


Go to a Reds game, nosebleed style with fireworks!

We all love the Redlegs, so take a trip to the Ballpark and for $10 or under, sit in the nosebleeds. Now that they have killer beer choices and a food selection from the gods, Reds games have never been this fun. Oh yeah the baseball, that’s cool too. $1 dogs in the nosebleeds, yes!


Chow down on breakfast at Hathaway’s

Pretend you live in the ’50s and sip on your coffee and chow down on your goetta and eggs at Hathaway’s in the historic Carew Tower. After breakfast, take an elevator to the top of the skyscraper for views of the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

Order a sack of donuts at Holtman’s Donuts

And please pick out donuts at Holtman’s. Maple bacon? Yes please! Or maybe a red velvet cake donut to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or all of them, just order a dozen and eat them all alone with a bottle of milk. We won’t judge, we’ve done it before. And don’t forget there are two more Holtman’s locations.



RedBike-your-way around the city

Do a self-guided tour and grab a bike at one of Cincinnati’s new RedBike stations and ride across the bridges, through Kentucky, and back to Cincinnati. Watch out for RedBike’s new stations that pop up around the city.

Get your art fix at the Contemporary Art Center

If modern art tickles your fancy, make sure you hit up the Contemporary Art Center for a dose of the coolest exhibits. Free on Mondays 5a��9 p.m., browse the most modern building downtown and take a selfie with Shepard Fairey’s mural in the lobby of the museum.


Visit scary places around the city

Visit some of Cincinnati’s creepiest places. Try Bobby Mackey’s in Wilder, Kentucky or go on a tour of our list of creepiest places in Cincinnati. Hop in the car and drive around Cincinnati for a little scare.


Giant Jenga at The FamousA�Neon’sA�Unplugged

You must order a round of drinks and play giant Jenga at Neon’s, you just have to. Nothing is better than a boozy round of Jenga. With crafted cocktails and a patio that is dog friendly, bring your furry friend, order a round of drinks, and just hope the blocks fall in your favor.


Make it a wine night at Unwind Wine Bar

Order a wine flight at Unwind. Appetizer specials may be a part of the experience. Catch them during happy hour for a variety of specials 4a��7 p.m. The outdoor patio is a relaxing spot to enjoy a glass or two of vino. This could be the pregame to your taco crawl or creepiest places tour!


Make-your-own cocktail bingo

Play bingo! Make a playing card and fill spaces with things like “order a pint of Rhinegeist” and “order the third specialty cocktail on Japp’s nightly list.” First one to score bingo, well you can figure out what the prize can be. And if dinner’s on you, we’ll play too!

A�Hit the pillow at the 21c Museum Hotel

To have a proper staycation, make sure you spend the night outside of your own home. Sip cocktails on the rooftop atA�The Cocktail Terrace, hit the pillow downstairs, and wake up early for a brunch at Metropole. While you’re at it, snap a selfie with a penguin and peruse the art exhibits.


Have other staycation ideas? Let us know! We always love to hear what fellow Cincinnatians are doing around the city.