Your Guide To The Best of The Cincinnati Fringe Festival


Check out this year’s Fringe Festival, the tagline: “Kinda weird, just like you.” The festival is entering its eleventh season and we’re ready to give it a go at experiencing the best that the festival has to offer. We know it’s going to be awesome, so here’s our guide to all you need to experience at the Fringe Fest:

1. Friday, May 30: “I Hate My Job and Other Tales of Squandered Potential”A�

This is a play that we can all relate toa�� relationships, jobs and coming of age. At 9:15 p.m., the performance at the Know Theatre will resonate with everyone who is underpaid and hates their job. After the show, make your way down to the Know Theatre’s Underground to make masks for Saturday’s prom.


2. Saturday, May 31:A�“Blogging Behind Bars”

This unique, contemporary play involves a blogger who wrote an award-winning blog while in a maximum-security prison. Afterwards, relive high school at the masquerade-themed prom at the Know Theatre’s Underground a�� bring a date or come stag and make a toast with the artists while you dance your ass off.


3. Tuesday, June 3:A�”A Brief History of Beer”

All the way from London to perform “A Brief History of Beer,” A�these artists will perform at the Know Theater at 7:15 p.m. You won’t want to miss this, as it’s, well… about beer. Finish the evening at the venue’s Fringetoberfest to celebrate German heritage with local craft beers.


4. Friday, June 6:A�“Dog Show”A�

Straight out of New York, “Dog Show” is returning to the Know Theater at 10 p.m. The crazy twist of humans acting as a band of dogs will leave you laughing hysterically. Love triangles among the pooches and “who’s dating which pug” will keep you entertained all the way through. Maybe pretending to be a dog in public is socially unacceptable, but you can head over to Neon’s after the show to pet the pups and have a cocktail or two.


5. A�Saturday, June 7: “Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) and Authorial Intent”

Even if JT won’t be there, you can count us being at theA�Ensemble Theater at 1 p.m. and coming back for seconds at 10 p.m. Characters acting as JT and Harrison Ford comfort the main character, Janice after an untimely death of her father. After the show, attend the award ceremony for closing night at the Know Theatre’s Underground.


Grab your tickets on the Cincinnati Fringe Festival’s website or show up at the venue’s box office 30 minutes before a show for tickets. Tickets are $12a��$15 for one show, $25 for one day of unlimited shows or $200 for unlimited shows for the entire festival.A�Let us know your favorite shows and after parties of the festival!