Your New Thursday Happy Hour: 5 Reasons Oyster-Mania is Awesome

Happy Hour is a gift sent from above and essentially is the reason we barely make it to the end of a long work day. Discounted drinks and food is almost enough to erase the frustrations that happened before 5pm. Well, forget about everything because starting at 5pm the Anchor-otr will be there to wipe your tears. There are many Happy Hours but Thursday Oyster Mania at Anchor-otr is the shit.

1. Quality Oysters

Considering we live in the middle of America, far away from the home of Oysters, the quality of oysters we have access to could be questionable. No worries here because Anchor-otr has their oysters flown in from the East & West coasts.A�So, that oyster you’re slurping is, in fact, from a reliable source and not the Ohio River.



2. It’s So Cheap

Did I mention that each oyster is only $1? I bet in the course of your day you can find enough change at your office, in your car and in your pocket to buy at least 2 oysters. So if you’re really trying to budget your dining out, say hello to Oyster Mania because it’s your best friend this week. Have two or 22, A�Anchor-otr cares about your wallet.


3. The Housemade Pickled Red Onion/Horseradish Ice

How do you take your oysters? Sometimes a squirt of lemon and tabasco will do, but if you’re coming to Anchor-otr you better take advantage of their red onion/horseradish ice. The king of accoutrements, this housemade ice gives your oysters the spicy and sweet kick they deserve. You mouth will thank you.


4. $1 PBR and $6 Martini’s

Not only are the oysters discounted, but so are your drinks.A�I don’t know about you, but for some reason everything tastes better when it’s below regular price. A�If PBR or Martini’s aren’t your thing, take a look at their house cocktail menu. A�I’m sure you’ll find their options enticing.


5. The Beautiful Patio

Old Man Winter has finally packed his bags for the season (hopefully), which means it’s time to take advantage of outdoor dining. The patio at Anchor-otr is gorgeous and the icing on the cake for Oyster Mania. For a second there you may think you’re sitting near a beach enjoying fresh oysters, warm weather and good company. A�Not all is lost though because the view from here is Washington Park and Music Hall, not too shabby.


Anchor-otr is a great choice for your Thursday night out because it’s a nice break from your typical happy hour. Besides what we told you, I’m sure you’re aware of the other benefits oysters hold. Oyster Mania is a win-win situation and if you want to score (a cheap meal), it’s a great bet.